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About Us


We are a family run business with years of specialist experience within the wholesale and in particular the HALAL chicken industry.

During the 1960s 1970s the influx of working migrants from the muslim community arrived in vast numbers to work in a developing britain, which at the time had many and various jobs to offer in the public and private sectors. This was to make their lively hoods more wealtier and to intergrate a better way of life for them and thier familys.

This demand was braught with core religous beliefs and a different attitude to life as a whole. One of those beliefs was to consume and to consume only Halal food. At the time there were little places or people offering Halal foods and Halal poultry.

This is were Mr Clive George Winterton came in to the picture. He foresaw the demand for a place where muslim men can slaughter chicken to the requirements of islam just like english slaughterhouses but with thier own core values and laws that are layed out in the Quran. There were other such slaughter houses but demand was more...much much more. So Mr George Winterton setup a small production site in twyford for the purpose of Halal Slaughter.This was the start of a story of success for Mr George Winterton and the muslim community, WINTERTON BROTHERS was born.

The years went by and the demand grew year on year and so did the appetite for space. The company moved to a larger fully operational production facility in twyford were almost 200.000 chickens were bieng slaughtered per week.

In 2002 Winterton Brothers Ltd downsized and moved to an industrial farm site at WC EMMETT & SONS where Winterton Brothers setup a fully operational EEC liecenced cutting plant. This unprecedented move might have came as a shock to some but the change was made by Mr George Wintertons son Mr Clive Winterton after the retirement of Mr George Winterton.

Mr C Winterton saw a niche in the ever so fast growing fast food market, with ever so many new chains of fast food restaurants biulding restaurants in the south of england.Mr C Winterton took the initiative and partnered with Mr Mark Charled Coldwell, Mr Anwar Haq and Mr Christpher Bennett who all had served many years with Winterton Brothers at thier respectable posts and took on the job to supply the restaurants with Fresh Halal cut chickens to the requirement of the takeaway restaurants and at the same time continueing to serve the traditional muslim community and Halal Butchers.

Since then every thing has all moved with proffesionalism and with a sense of adabtability to the requirements of our customers, which shows in the vast array of our product list to frozen foods and fresh chicken or to the lamb kebabs we have it all.

Over the years we have built ourselves a reputation for quality and integrity which others are unable to rival.

Winterton Brothers are well known for our high standards and providing outstanding products at the most competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and endeavour to meet all of our customers’ requirements.

If you would like to find out more about our products and services please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help.

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£6 / KG
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